Honor Roll: Travel Grants

The following students received a travel grant from the Division of Social Sciences during the academic year 2013-14. You can read more about the research funded by their grants on the Division's Student Research Blog.

  • David Benson (Political Science)
  • Hannah Chazin (Anthropology)
  • Yazan Doughan (Anthropology)
  • Elizabeth Fagan (History, Anthropology)
  • Elizabeth Fretwell (History)
  • Claudia Gastrow (Anthropology)
  • Geneviève Godbout (Anthropology)
  • Colin Halverson (Anthropology)
  • Morgan Kaplan (Political Science)
  • Chad Levinson (Political Science)
  • Kathryn Mariner (Anthropology)
  • Eric Moore (Sociology)
  • Tessa Murphy (History)
  • Jonathan Obert (Political Science)
  • Eva Swyngedouw (Sociology)
  • Kimberly Walters (Comparative Human Development)
  • Talia Weiner (Comparative Human Development)