Navigating the Job Market

The Chronicle of Higher Education has just published an article by Stacey Patton dissecting different responses to developments in the academic job market, focusing specifically on the American Historical Associations' efforts to help recent Ph.D.'s navigate the evolving job landscape. 

While many young academics are pessimistic, and complain that the market is getting worse from year to year, others interviewed for the article suggest that that idea is a myth, and that young scholars should be thinking "more expansively" about their job search, instead of  focusing on the holy grail of tenure-track research positions.

An out-of-touch response by those who have already landed secure positions? Or a timely reminder to graduate students of the risks of tunnel vision? We invite you to share your thoughts below.


It is indeed very difficult to come to a good conclusion when it comes to the job market. Personally, I do believe that it is becoming more difficult, as competition is on the rise, especially with the new generation. Still there are many ways to find jobs. Lately I visited the website, which is an online platform where job seekers and employers can meet. It was specifically focused on the Life Science industry, but I found many platforms like these for other industries.

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