Leadership Lab: Publishing Beyond the Academic Journal

Leadership Lab: Publishing Beyond the Academic Journal         Friday February 20, 12-1:20 (Stuart 101)

Publishing in academic journals is often seen as the primary gateway to academic success. Many academics however, discover that publishing in non-academic outlets such as magazines, webzines and newspapers is a great way to reach wider audiences with your ideas, build name-recognition, and find research collaborators.

In this workshop, a panel of University of Chicago graduates who have published in a variety of media will discuss the benefits of publishing ‘beyond the academic journal’ and offer tips on how to find the right outlet for your ideas, how to adapt your writing to non-specialist audiences, and how to get your work published.


  • A-J Aronstein (Associate Director of Graduate Career Development and Employer Relations; Senior Editor at "Colloquium" Magazine; Contributor to The Paris Review, The New Inquiry, The LA Review of Books and others)
  • Jon Baskin (Ph.D. Candidate, Committee on Social Thought; Editor, The Point Magazine)
  • Paul Durica (Ph.D. in English ’14; Public Historian and Public Programmer, Pocket Guide to Hell)
  • Ben Jeffery (Ph.D. Candidate, Committee on Social Thought; contributor to the TLS, N+1, The Guardian and The Point) 

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