Seminar: Writing Beyond the Academy

Leadership Lab: Writing Beyond the Academy                 Tuesday February 24, 4:30 - 6:00 (Foster 108) 

Speaker: Larry McEnerney (University of Chicago Writing Program)

When graduate students envision themselves working outside academia, they often worry about writing.  This is sensible: academics who work outside academia are endlessly criticized for writing "like a professor".  Worse, writers who are criticized in this way are often baffled at how to adapt to their new world.  Very often, they try to change aspects of their writing that are not troublesome, and they leave in place aspects of their writing that are making their writing less clear, less logical, and less valuable to their readers. 

In this session, students who attended Larry's workshop on January 23 will have an opportunity to discuss a 3 to 5 page sample of their writing with Larry and the other participants. Registration is limited to 10, so sign below up a.s.a.p.