Times of Transition: Family Life in Grad School

Times of Transition: Family Life in Grad School                             Thursday January 15, 12-1:20 (Stuart 104) 


Doctoral programs are long-term commitments, and the years spent in graduate school are often times of transition in students’ personal lives. Balancing the requirements of their academic programs with the needs of their families can come with significant challenges, from finishing on time to managing finances, caring for young children, and finding jobs for themselves and their partners. In this workshop, a panel of faculty, counselors and university staff offered strategies to achieve work-life balance, discuss resources available to graduate student families, and address participants’ questions.


  • Anne Brody (Clinical Psychologist, Student Counseling Service)]
  • Douglas Culbert (Clinical Psychologist, Student Counseling Service)
  • Lesley Lundeen (Assistant Director, Dual Career Office)
  • Lizanne Phalen (Director, Family Resource Center)
  • Leora Auslander (Professor, Department of History)

Below are links to a number of resources for student families mentioned during the discussion: