About the Emerging Leaders Program

The Division of the Social Sciences Emerging Leaders Program is an effort to transform the graduate student experience to produce sophisticated, well-rounded, and competitive scholars prepared for the increasing complexity of today’s marketplace. The Emerging Leaders Program is committed to preparing a generation of graduates poised for the challenges of the 21st century—graduates who are prepared not only as scholars but also as leaders, who can compete in a tougher, more diverse, and more global market.

The concrete aims of the initiative are to improve the graduate experience, to supplement the academic education our students receive in their departments with opportunities for professional and personal development, and to better prepare our students to finish on time and with their most productive years ahead of them.

The keystone of the initiative is the Leadership Lab, a series of workshops featuring information and practices that are not part of the traditional academic curriculum in order to provide exposure to elements essential to future leadership success in and outside of the academy. Leadership Lab workshops address the following areas that complement the traditional doctoral educational experience:

  • Teaching and Mentoring
  • Public Speaking
  • Personal Development
  • Motivation
  • Digital Technology
  • Career-specific skills
  • Internships