Honor Roll: Dissertation Fellowships

The following students received a Dissertation Fellowship funded by the Division of Social Sciences during the academic year 2013-14:

Mellon Foundation/Social Sciences Dissertation Fellowship:

  • Lauren Bergier (Social Thought)
  • Adam Dean (Political Science)
  • Jan Doering (Sociology)
  • Sanja Jagesic (Sociology)
  • David Kern (Comparative Human Development)
  • Rebecca Ploof (Political Science)
  • Emily Romeo (History)
  • Thomas Swerts (Sociology)

John and Jane Coulson Dissertation Fellowship:

  • Laura Doering (Sociology)
  • Zoe Nyssa (Conceptual & Historical Studies of Science)

Michael and Ling Markovitz Dissertation Fellowship: 

  • Maria Akchurin (Sociology)
  • Tyson Leuchter (History)
  • Jason Ramsey (Anthropology)

Benjamin Bloom Dissertation Fellowship:

  • Molly Flaherty (Psychology)

William Rainey Harper Dissertation Year Fellowship:

  • Timothy Brawn  (Psychology)

William Rainey Harper/Provost Dissertation Year Fellowship: 

  • Enghin Atalay (Economics)
  • Uri Shachar (History)

Social Sciences Division Dissertation Fellowship: 

  • Monica Lee (Sociology)
  • Sarah Johnson (Political Science)
  • Jose Hernandez Company (Political Science)

Social Sciences Visiting Committee Dissertation Fellowship: 

  • Aaron Seaman (Comparative Human Development)