Leadership Lab: Communicating Your Research to Non-Specialist Audiences

Leadership Lab: Communicating Your Research to Non-Specialist Audiences  

Friday November 7, 12:00 - 1:30 pm, Stuart 105 

Presenting specialized research to non-academic audiences, or even to fellow academics in different fields, poses a set of challenges different from those of writing an article or giving a workshop talk. How can you explain a complex argument in 15 minutes or less without reducing the effectiveness of your argument? How can you find the right tone in addressing a particular audience? In his workshop, we will discuss strategies to convey your research findings to non-specialists in a succinct, accessible and engaging fashion. Our discussion panel will consist of:

  • Renee Basick Foster (Director of Communications and Events in the Division of the Social Sciences), moderator
  • Sarah London (Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology)
  • Rob Mitchum (Communication Manager, Computation Institute)
  • Tracy Weiner (Associate Director, UChicago Writing Program)