Student Research Conference

Student Research Conference

Friday November 21, 8:30 am - 3:00pm, Ida Noyes Hall, East Lounge  

The Student Research Conference will showcase the breadth and diversity of the research projects undertaken by doctoral students in the Division of the Social Sciences. Join us for a day of exciting short presentations, as recipients of divisional research grants gather in Ida Noyes Hall to present the results of the research funded by their grants. David Nirenberg, Dean of the Division of the Social Sciences, will deliver the opening remarks. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn about the cutting-edge work that is being done in the Division and to meet with faculty, students and staff in the Division.

Click here for the day's program  

Below are videos of a number of student presentations:

John McCallum III (History): “Talking Back to the ‘American Century’: Declarations About War in the Papers of Henry R. Luce

Joseph Tennant (Comparative Human Development): “Harm and Non-Harm in Moral Judgments and Moral Justifications in Two American Religious Groups”

Francis McKay (Conceptual & Historical Studies of Science): “The Science and Politics of Happiness: Homo Eudaimonicus in America”

Christopher Sheklian (Anthropology): “Tradition and Community During the Easter Service at St. Giragos Armenian Church, Diyarbakır”

Diana Schwartz (History): “Development and Displacement in the Tropics: Tales from the Archives of the Papaloapan Project.”

Richard Del Rio (History), “Looking for the Historical Origins of the Modern American Drug Dealer”

Daniel Tannenbaum (Economics): “Do Child Support Laws Affect Contraceptive Use and the Fertility Behavior of Couples?”